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Medical Coding Careers

The health care system is growing. Hiring managers at medical facilities have more positions to fill than they have applicants. This means that the skills of medical coders are in great demand. Medical coders are a vital part of the health care field and are needed across America.

Medical coders work with patient files and insurance to be sure that doctors, patients and insurance companies are properly compensated. Every patient who sees a doctor has a medical history file and every one of those files needs a medical coder to code it.

There are going to be more patients going to medical facilities than ever in the next few years. The Baby Boomers, the largest generation in America are reaching retirement age. This new generation of retirees will need more and more care. This, combined with the overall population increase and the invention of new techniques to help people survive accident, injury and disease, will mean more patients than ever in medical offices.

Hospitals, doctor's offices and care homes are preparing for this growth, but are having trouble finding enough applicants to fill the available jobs. A large percentage of current health care workers are Baby Boomers and are retiring, leaving even more positions ready to be filled!

You could take one of these positions! You could become a part of the system that keeps people healthy! You could become a medical coder!

Here at, we have selected the top schools offering medical coding and health care administration degree programs that can get you on the way to one of these great careers. Enter your zip code in the form on the right and find the right school for you!

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What is Medical Coding?

To understand what medical coding is, you must first understand what medical histories and medical codes are.

Medical histories are files that record every medical procedure you have undergone in a hospital or with your doctor. These codes are an important part of letting doctors know what previous procedures you have had and other, valuable medical data. For example, if you're allergic to penicillin, then your doctor will know not to give you penicillin because of your medical history. Your medical history could save your life!

Medical codes are numbers that go into medical histories that identify what procedures a patient has gone under. If you've ever had a broken leg, then you have a code in your chart that identifies that procedure. Medical codes are also a part of the medical billing system. Insurance companies use medical codes to know how much to charge a patient and how much to pay doctors, hospitals and medical facilities.

Medical coders are the people who record medical codes into medical histories. As a medical coder, you will take over this vital part of the medical industry. Every patient who comes into a hospital or doctor's office is going to need their file coded. This means a great deal of opportunity in this quickly growing sector.

If a medical history can save a life, then you, the person who codes medical histories, could save a life too.

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What is the Difference Between a Medical Coder and a Medical Biller?

Medical coders are often confused with medical billers because many training programs qualify graduates for both jobs. The difference between medical coders and medical billers is simple, medical coders code medical files, medical billers use medical files to bill patients and insurance. Medical coders work primarily with patient files and most of their work is entering data in computers. Medical billers interface with insurance companies and use the work done by medical coders to make sure that doctors and hospitals are paid and insurance and patients are given the proper bills. Both duties are extremely important to the medical field and your choice to become either a medical coder or a medical biller can mean changing your life and helping others.

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Medical Offices Need You!

The outlook for new, qualified medical coders is great! The health care field is expected to expand quickly over the next few years. There are so many new jobs in health care that administrators in medical offices are having trouble finding enough qualified people to fill these new jobs!

As America’s Baby Boomers reach retirement age, the number of elderly who need medical attention will swell. A growth in the technologies that keep patients healthy will also create demand for new procedures. This growth will mean an expansion in the demand for the professionals who care for the elderly. Careers in heath care will multiply and the people qualified to fill these positions will enjoy great success!

Careers in medical coding are expected to grow by and astonishing 18% by 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As the country gets older, the men and women already working in the medical coding field will retire to become its patients. Medical coders will be in an excellent position to advance their careers and their lives.

Because the health care system is growing so quickly, there is a demand for more medical coders that there are coders applying for jobs. This means great opportunities for new, entry-level medical coders!

Learn the skills to earn one of these great, new careers and become a medical coder!

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Medical Coding Salaries

Medical coders can work in a number of different locations and have many different job descriptions. Each of these locations leads to a different level of pay:

Industry Hourly wage Annual wage
Nursing Care Facilities $15.53 $32,310
Hospitals $16.78 $34,910
Outpatient Care Centers $14.65 $30,470
Physician’s Offices $13.42 $27,920
Research and Development $27.08 $56,320
Federal Government $20.85 $43,380
Local Government $23.80 $49,500
Corporate $20.08 $41,770
Support Services $20.52 $42,680

Data courtesy of US Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Recommended Education

While there is a great demand for medical coders, the health care system places great emphasis on training and experience. A degree and training in medical coding shows your prospective employers that you have the skills necessary to maintain a medical office efficiently and effectively.

For those interested in the medical coding, we have compiled a list of degrees that will help you secure a position in this growing field. Click on any of these degrees to get more information.

Associate's Degrees
Medical Coding & Billing
Medical Billing & Insurance Coding
Medical Office Management
Allied Health Sciences

Bachelor's Degrees
Medical Records
Health Care Managment

Medical Coding
Medical Transcription
Medical Billing & Claims

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